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   Xinyang, a building materials co., LTDIs a for many years engaged in pearlite,Vitrified beads、Insulation board of non-metallic minerals, such as research and development、Production、Sales set a professional enterprise。My company mainly produces pearlite,Vitrified beads,Expanded perlite,Obturator perlite,Perlite,Hydrophobic perlite,Perlite filter aid,Gardening perlite,Perlite deslagging agent,Perlite insulation board,Perlite fire door core board,Firecrackers dedicated perlite powder,Vitrified beads insulation mortar etc series products。
   Head office is located in Asia's largest non-metallic mineral??Is well“ The first mine in Asia ”Said the ladder on the non-metallic mining area,With large point and ore mining10A coarse ore processing plant,Near the downtown312National road has a large deep ore processing plant,The factory covers an area of50000Square meters,With ore rough machining production line8The article、Expanded perlite production line4The article、FSGHydrophobic perlite products production line10The article;Annual output of ore100Ten thousand tons、Expanded perlite60Thousands of cubic meters、Perlite products10Thousands of cubic meters, etc,Is a large mine ore processing leading enterprises,Long-term products sold throughout the country and exported to neighboring countries。In recent years,Our company owns advanced non-metallic minerals production line at the same time,Increasing investment in product quality supervision and management system,Product quality inspection,Fully meet the national quality standards。
   My company has consistently adhered to“Quality first,The user is supreme,High-quality service,Abide by the contract”The aim of the,With high quality products,Good prestige...
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Perlite inorganic insulation board
Vitrified beads
Expanded perlite
Perlite filter aid
Inorganic insulation mortar
Perlite insulation board
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Xinyang, a building materials co., LTD
Address:Henan xinyang PingQiao ladder industrial park area
The phone:0376-3886001
A mobile phone:13598558199
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Contacts:Kelvin zhou
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Address:Henan xinyang PingQiao ladder industrial park area The phone:0376-3886001 A mobile phone:13598558199 Contacts:Kelvin zhou
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